Welcome to Maplewood Landscapes, by clicking here you obviously interested in who we are before making your choice to use us. Well let me introduce the team starting with the "Boss" (Darren). Darren started Maplewood Landscapes quite some years ago and here we are still successful in 2016 serving Hull and surrounding areas. We like to think we are "down to earth" individuals with a somewhat cheeky outlook on life. The Lads (Rest of Team) all get a long like a family with banter and cheeky antics to keep us on our toes. Standing as a team we do deliver an excellent service to our customers and display absolute professionalism at all times. We love to think that the customer is always happy with the service provided because we simply want to deliver the best.

Please take a moment to meet the Maplewood Landscapes team, we pride ourselves on being polite, well presented individuals whom are simply passionate about providing beautiful landscapes. Each member has a wealth of experience in the landscaping industry and as a team we can produce some of the most complicated operations through planning, development and deployment. Maplewood Landscapes boasts the ability to work as a team, its the teamwork that makes us stand out from the crowd. Teamwork takes time and effort to perfect, but once achieved it lays the foundations of success.

Please take a moment to read our individual profiles.

Darren Baker (The Boss)

Darren“The Boss”

Darren (The Boss) founded Maplewood Landscapes with his bare hands, he spent hours slowly shaping the company image to what it is today. He started with a vision and some skills (obviously) to rid the city of ugly gardens by setting each job as his own little masterpiece. He known to be firm but fair with the lads and overseas all aspects of each project with an eye for detail.

Jamie (The Creator)

Jamie “The Creator”

Jamie is known as “The Creator”, he has a fantastic eye for detail and likes to create new imaginary aspects of the landscape. The creative flare brings a new spark to Maplewood landscapes. He has been with Maplewood since leaving school and finished his apprenticeship with honors...

Daniel (The Lifter)

Daniel “The Grafter”

Daniel is known as “The Grafter”, he loves being the strong one in the group and like to show some amazing feats of strength. Early morning’s is what he craves and will put the hours in to make sure customer is always happy. Always delivers a friendly smile as he is a “happy chappy” when at work. He has been with Maplewood since leaving school and finished his apprenticeship with honors...